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De Nederlandse stalen helm 1916-1992

Casque Adrian (m15)

The Casque Adrian (m15) was introduced to the Dutch Armed Forces in February 1916. Typical for the Dutch Adrian is the lack of slots at the front. Usually these are present to place a crest, which was not the case on the Dutch helmets.

Despite the fact that the helmet was approved after testing, it was nevertheless decided to purchase 10,000 pieces because the own Dutch production of helmets had not started yet. During the testing of the Casque Adrian it appeared that during shooting tests the helmet was pierced at some places by revolver bullets at a distance of 6 paces. The comb and the applied edge in particular were very vulnerable. The Casque Adrian also dented a lot during hitting tests with the klewang. As a result, the Adrian helmet was not used by the Armed Forces for long. Ultimately, the helmets went to other government agencies, such as Police, Vigilantes, etc.

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