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De Nederlandse stalen helm 1916-1992

Model 1916 (m16) helmets

The development of the m16 is a long story, so in short...

At the beginning of 1916, experiments started with a design from van Heijst & Sons. By the end of August 1916, the new helmet got its definitive form and on September 9 1916, a tender was made voor the production of 50.000 helmets at van Heijst & Sons and 50.000 liners at Pauwels.

After a few last modifications, the new helmet was officialy introduced as the Helm No.1. This helmet is more known to collectors as the m16 or model 1916.

Eventually, the m16 was produced by various manufacturers and in various models until 1928. De m16 was used by the Netherlands Armed Forces until their capitulation in May 1940. After May 1940, the m16 was used until the 1960-ies by various organisations.

There are 5 models of the helmet model 1916:

The m16 produced from 1916 until 1918 by van Heijst & Sons.

The m16A produced from 1922 until 1924 by Eskilstuna, Hadfields and van Heist & Sons.

The m16B produced in 1926 by the Artillerie Inrichtingen.

The m16C and m16D produced in 1927 and 1928 by the Artillerie Inrichtingen.

And each model has some different variations....

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