B826 - M95 helmet covers

Helmet covers for the B826 and m95 helmets

The trial Woodland helmet cover is often incorrectly classified as the first model m95 helmet cover, which is not the case. These helmet covers were used during field tests of the composite helmets in the early 90's. These helmet covers are based on the m92 Woodland helmet cover, are cut above the tongues and have an elastic which is sewn.

It is unknown to me who produced these helmet covers. The assumption I make is that these helmet covers come from one manufacturer and that there are different variations in the fabric used. Most covers are made of coarsely woven fabric (100% cotton). There are also covers which consist of a combination of both coarsely woven fabric (100% cotton) and smooth fabric (50% cotton / 50% polyester). Up to this date I have not seen any cover with a label.

Another interesting observation is that this type of helmet cover has 14 camouflage slots just like the standard m92 Woodland cover. However, unlike the m92 Woodland cover, the 2 parts with 4 slots are sewn next to each other instead of opposite to each other. This gives me the i
mpression that rejected m92 Woodland covers were adapted.. These covers (with tongues instead of elastic) would not be suitable for use on the m53 helmet.

It is also noticeable that the slots intended for camouflage on the inside are provided with extra pieces of fabric to reinforce the slots. I have not seen this with the m92 covers yet. These covers may therefore be from a later production date.

In 1996 a new type of helmet cover was introduced for the newly introduced composite Combat Helmet m95.

This new model helmet cover was rapidly introduced in order to quickly provide the military with a decent helmet cover on missions. During the IFOR-1 mission, this first model helmet cover was issued on a small scale to the units equipped with B826 helmets before the deployment. This helmet cover replaced the m53 woodland helmet cover (modified or not) that was used as a temporary solution by the IFOR-1 units.

This version of the helmet cover was quickly replaced by the definitive model intended for the m95 helmet.

The photo above was taken of IFOR-1 soldiers on their deployment to Bosnia in 1996. The 2nd person from the left and 1st person from the right are wearing B826 helmets with the first model helmet cover for the m95.

Soldiers of IFOR-2 (mechbat) were equipped with the m95 helmet and fitted with the first model m95 helmet cover. Finally, the definitive version of the helmet cover for the m95 helmet was introduced by the end of 1996 and the soldiers who rotated with SFOR-1 were equipped with the definitive model helmet cover.