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De Nederlandse stalen helm 1916-1992

Brigade Speciale Beveiligingsopdrachten (BSB)

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The Brigade Speciale Beveiligingsopdrachten (BSB - Special Security Brigade) is a unit of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee (KMar - Military Police) specialized in acting as an arrest team, as an observation team and in protecting people in risk areas. The personnel may consist of soldiers recruited from the own KMar ranks, personnel from the National Police and military personnel from other defense units.

Following the assassination of Israeli athletes during the 1972 Munich Olympics, classic anti-terrorist units were established all over Europe. The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee foresaw that in many cases these units were too heavy a means to deploy. Because the Special Assistance Units (BBE) could only be used in terrorist actions, the KMar founded the Brigade Special Security Missions (BSB) in 1975, which could operate at the highest level of violence in other violent incidents. In the corridors, people spoke of the 'Spronk hole', after Brigadier General E.N. Spronk, the commander of the KMar who had taken the initiative to set up the BSB.

The first batch was trained at the German unit Grenzschutzgruppe 9 (GSG-9). Shortly afterwards, the new Dutch unit was able to immediately prove its worth in the eviction of the Moluccan district in Vaassen, where a firearm had been fired at the mobile unit.

The BSB has the Personal Security, Observation, Arrest Team and Special Assignments departments.

Personal security mainly concerns the security of embassy personnel. The BSB personal security officers regularly cooperate with the Royal and Diplomatic Security Service (DKDB) and both services have similar procedures and training.

A BSB Observation Team is only deployed after a Prosecutor has approved a systematic observation order. The legal frameworks for this are given in the Code of Criminal Procedure and the Special Investigative Powers Act. Observing 'dangerous' activists is also a task of the BSB. This is done at the request of the AIVD, among others, because its observation teams are unarmed.

The BSB's Arrest and Support Team (AOT) is deployed in life-threatening and tactically difficult situations. The BSB supplies this AOT to the Special Interventions Service (DSI) of the National Police. The BSB arrest team (AT) is not part of the DSI from an organizational point of view, but is fully involved in the distribution of the DSI's stakes.

The Special Assignments department includes all special security assignments that the BSB fulfills. In this way, the BSB protects the value transports of De Nederlandsche Bank, where they can be supported by colleagues from the High Risk Security (HRB) squadron. Since 2004, the BSB has also been providing the Dutch air marshal program, in which an armed non-uniformed BSB operator is deployed who travels with a commercial aircraft to prevent possible terrorist actions.

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