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De Nederlandse stalen helm 1916-1992

Wanted helmets and militaria

Despite that all Dutch helmets are very welcome in the collection, is especially on the lookout for the following helmets to complete the collection as much as possible. As there is limited documentation availible, most research is done by the 'comparing'  method and technical research without damaging helmets.

Dutchhelmets is interested in the following helmets:

- Dutch produced helmets used by German auxillary forces, Luftschutz, etc during WW2,

- Helmets used by Dutch collaborators during WW2,

- KNIL helmets,

- m16 (van Heijst) helmets,

- m27 helmets,

- m33 helmets,

- m38 helmets,

- Verblifa made Troepenhelmen (m53) with the following production stamps:

*VB855S3 and VB55 8S3,

*VB55 11S3,

*VB55 12S3,

*VB56 2S3,

*VB56 4S3,

*VB56 7S3,

*VB56 8S3,

*VB56 9S3 and

*VB56 12S3

(These stamps can be found on the rim at front side of the steel shell)

- Linnemann-Schnetzer produced helmets with the following stamps:

*LS58-B??? (1, 2 or 3 numbers sfter the B. These stamps can be found on the rim at front side of the steel shell).

And all Dutch used/produced helmets you want to get rid off!

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