M53 Troops helmet

M53 Troops Helmet

The m53 Troops helmet was introduced to the Dutch Armed Forces in 1953 and remained in use until the mid 1990s, until it was replaced by the m95 combat helmet.

The m53 Troops helmet was a 2-piece helmet modeled on the American M1 helmet. 8 different manufacturers supplied the liners to the Dutch Armed Forces and 4r manufacturers the steel shells. Most liners were supplied by Schuberth and most steel shells by Linnemann-Schnetzer.

Both laminate and the plastic liners have been used, of which 2 different variations of the plastic liner. A early model with a vent at the front and the late model without the vent at the front.

Verblifa (VB) liners

Schuberth (SH) liners

N.V. Beccon (BEC) liners

Ulbricht's Witwe (Us) liners


Unknown (HL) liners

Verblifa (VB) steel shells

Linneman-Schnetzer (LS) steel shells

Ulbricht's Witwe (Us) steel shells

Vereinigte Deutsche Nikkelwerke (VDN) steel shells

Verblifa helmets used by the Luxembourg Armed Forces

Verblifa helmets used by the Belgian Armed Forces

M53 helmets used by the Argentinian Armed Forces

In October 1968, the Karel Doorman (R81) aircraft carrier was handed over to the ARA (Armada de la Republica Argentina / Argentinian Navy) where she was installed as the ARA 25 de Mayo (V-2).

The ARA 25 de Mayo stayed in service until 2000.

Together with the Karel Doorman, an inventory was overhanded in which some helmets were present. These helmets were m53 helmets and possible also some M1 helmets were handed over. It is not known how many m53 helmets were overhanded to the Argentinian Navy, but they were not many of them.

Until now, only 13 m53 steel shells have been traced by various Argentinian collectors. All these 13 m53 steel shells were produced by Linnemann-Schnetzer (LS58) and there are 2 Verblifa liners, used by the Argentinian Navy, present in private collections in Argentina.

3 of the 13 m53 steels shells still have the Dutch MvO domestamp.

There is also 1 Argentinian produced M1 (FM: Fabricaciones  Militares) known with a Dutch made m53 chinstrap attached to it.

It was common for the ARA to revise helmets now and then. After revision, helmets were handed to various ships within the Argentinian Navy and the Argentinian Marines.

Creast of the 25 de Mayo.